Russian priest need your help.

Dear sirs and ladies, brothers and sisters!

A family of orthodox priest Vladimir Pivovarov greets you from Siberia.

I ask you to send us old children's things (which you already want to throw out in a garbage basket): clothes, footwear, etc. Also, please send us food products and household things.

I have a great hope that kind people will answer to this letter. If you do not have children (and so there are no old children's things), please send this letter to your aquaintances which can help us.

The monthly budget of our family is 190 dollars. In Russia it is the good income for two persons (official minimum for life). But our family consists of eight persons. The Russian threshold of poverty for family of eight persons is 800 dollars per one month.

All superfluous things that we receive we shall distribute among poor people through our temple.

Let the God will be with you.

Let grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.

Our address:

Priest (Rev.) Vladimir Aleksandrovish Pivovarov. The Transfiguration cathedral (Spaso-Preobrazenski sobor). Sovetskaya pl.,1, Novokuznetsk, Kemerovskaya obl., 654034, Russia.

You also can send us a parcel addressed to our home:

Priest (Rev.) Vladimir Aleksandrovish Pivovarov. Obnorskogo street, house 9, apartment 56. Novokuznetsk, Kemerovskaya obl., 654032, Russia. Tel 7-3843-371504 (Sorry, I don't speak English).

Probably, it would be expensive for you to send us a post parcel, but you can help us to pay the rent. We are the large family (a lot of people), therefore we pay a big sum of money for our apartment each month: 1500-1800 roubles (50-60 dollars). If you help our family to pay for the apartment (even for one month), we will be able to use more money for food and clothes.

I have opened many variants of the bank accounts, which can be opened free-of-charge in our city. I should pay five dollars a year only for Visa Electron.

Maybe you offer another variant (I do not know the better method, I have received advices to open these accounts).

Money can be transferred to us through system (in EUR or USD) (

BANK OF MOSCOW, LENINA, 41, NOVOKUZNETSK, 654034, (7) (384) 3370530. Funds sent for Vladimir Aleksandrovish Pivovarov NOVOKUZNETSK, Russia

I can receive your donation, if I know the following data about about the money transfer:

Your Money Transfer Control Number [MTCN] is:
Date of Order:
Amount Sent:
Sender (Name and post address):

My bank account In USD - Visa Electron.

My Visa Electron number is 4276826011830103,
ACC. 890-0057-610.
Vladimir Aleksandrovish Pivovarov,
Number My Visa Electron 4276826011830103.

Probably, it will be more convenient for you to send donations to my account in the European or American currency. My bank account for European currency:

Bank of beneficiary: Novokuznetsk Branch of Bank of Moscow, account: 30301978000000000045 with the Bank of Moscow, (Moscow),
SWIFT Code MOSWRUMM, cor.account 499/08124139/00/888 with DRESDNER BANK AG, Frankfurt/Mein, SWIFT Code DRES DE FF;
Funds sent for Vladimir Aleksandrovish Pivovarov, passport 32 02 762802 (September 27 2002), account 42301978500450012670.

My bank account for USD currency:

Bank of beneficiary: Novokuznetsk Branch of Bank of Moscow, account: 30301840400000000045 with the Bank of Moscow, (Moscow),
SWIFT Code MOSWRUMM, account 400 920 190 with The CHASE MANHATTAN BANK New York, SWIFT Code CHAS US 33;
Funds sent for Vladimir Aleksandrovish Pivovarov, passport 32 02 762802 (September 27 2002), account 42301840700450012663.

Web Money -

my system number is 739929992830,
the account for Russian roubles is R703058692722,
the account for USD is Z490164418267,
the account for EUR is E453983569411.

I have no right to spend money of our family on Internet. I can't write many letters. My family has hope that this letter will not die on your computer, and will be transferred "from hands to hands" by electronic mail. I do not want that my letter has become bad SPAM. But I hope that you will forward this letter to your friends, and your friends will forward this letter to their friends. I hope that my letter will live in Internet. I hope for your help very much.

In Christ, Priest Vladimir Pivovarov

You can also help our family, if you order CDs of our chorus (Classical and modern Russian orthodox music). 10 dollars 1 CD, 25 dollars 3 CDs (this is the price for CDs and post parcel sending to any point of the world). Our family will have the income of 2-3 dollars from each disk (depends on where the post parcel will be sent to). It is possible to listen the music presented on these CDs through Internet in MP3 format (high quality). It is also possible to read the information on our chorus. See

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